How to: Classify your Drives with Recommendations (iPhone)

Note: This version is only available for some iPhone users and is not yet available for Android users. 

Save time classifying drives within the mobile app by using Recommendations, our new personalized self-learning system which assists you with your drive classifications. The Recommendations list allows you to classify up to 10 drives at one time. 

How do I classify my drives with Recommendations?

To view the Recommendations list, tap on the floating blue star icon on the bottom right of the unclassified drive screen. 

this image shows the unclassified drives screen, highlighting the blue star icon. 

A list of unclassified drives along with the recommended Purposes will appear. Recommendations for unclassified drives are based on your previous classifications. If the recommended classification is incorrect, you can edit the purpose directly on the Recommendations page and the feature will learn from incorrect classifications to improve future algorithms. 

this image shows the Recommendations list

After confirming the Purposes for each drive on the Recommendations list, tap on Classify Drives button on the bottom right to complete the classifications. 

this image shows the recommendations list, highlighting Classify Drives. This image shows the confirmation page.

After the drives are classified, a confirmation screen will appear. If there are more unclassified drives, Recommendations will continue to make recommended classifications (up to 10 each time). 

Note: Only business or personal purposes are recommended. To add custom or secondary purposes, please edit the desired drive through the All Drives page within the mobile app or the web dashboard.

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