How to: Submit a Mileage Report to Xero

Report to Xero

Submitting your mileage to Xero is easy with MileIQ!

  1. Follow the steps to get started with MileIQ
  2. Sign in to your MileIQ web dashboard ( - same email and password as app)
  3. Select the classified drives you want to submit to Xero
  4. Click the green "Report" button on the bottom right of the drive details pane
  5. Choose Xero from the list of "Send as" report options
  6. Select the green “Authorize Xero” buttonScreenshot of Xero selected in the reporting option with the button to
  7. A new (Xero) window will open and ask you to login to authorize MileIQ Dashboard with your Xero account.Enter login details for Xero to link your accounts
  8. Select the organization to report to and then click "Allow Access" and the page will close automatically after a couple seconds.Select your organization in this window to submit your reports from MileIQ
  9. You can now report your MileIQ drives directly to Xero.This screenshot shows that Xero integration was successful and you can now report directly from MileIQ to Xero

Additional Information

  • If you need to sign into a different Xero account, you can click "Disable Xero integration" and go through this setup process again to authorize a different account. 
  • For US users, reports sent from MileIQ to Xero will be delivered in the PDF format to the folder named "MileIQ" in Xero.
  • For UK and Canada users, reports sent from MileIQ to Xero will by delivered in the XLS format to the folder named "MileIQ" in Xero.
  • Reports will contain an additional summary table that includes YTD values of miles split by vehicle for business, personal, and other. 
  • If you are having any difficulty with linking your MileIQ and Xero accounts or have any questions, please reach out to
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