The Commute Mileage Feature (Pro Plans Only)

You asked and we listened! Introducing our newest feature for Pro teams: Commute Mileage. Admins can now set a team-wide policy for  excluding commute mileage from their drivers' business drives, ensuring accurate and compliant reimbursements. 

How It Works

  1. Setup: You can enable the Commute Mileage feature through your dashboard. In the Settings tab, you can customize the feature according to your company’s commute policy.
  2. Automatically deducting commute mileage:  When a driver classifies a drive as  ‘Business + Commute’, commute mileage will automatically be removed from the drive when submitted for review.


How Drivers Can Classify Drives as ‘Business + Commute’

You set the policy for how much commute mileage is deducted, and drivers classify their drives as 'Business + Commute'. Here's how to classify:

  1. Mobile App: Drivers can open the MileIQ mobile app and navigate to the “All Drives” view to classify their drives. 
  2. Web Dashboard: Drivers can also classify their drives as commute from the web dashboard at
  3. Drive Classification: For each commute trip, drivers will give the drive screen a long swipe and hold until the 'Add a Purpose' prompt appears. Once released, the Custom Purpose options (on IOS) or a Custom Purpose list (on Android), will appear. They select  “Business + Commute” and they’re ready to go.
  4. Additional Details: If needed, drivers can provide additional context or notes to justify the business nature of the commute drive.

For details on classifying drives: How to Classify Drives – MileIQ.

For more information and assistance, check out the Help Center, or email our Customer Support Team at

Happy driving!

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