How To: MileIQ Account Sign-up (UK)

Thank you for your interest in MileIQ for Canada! Installing MileIQ depends on the platform you are on (iOS or Android), but the steps to sign up for an account are the same on the website or mobile app.


Account Signup Online

Visit the MileIQ Canada website to sign up, then enter your email address and click 'Get Started'.



Confirm your email address and click 'Continue'



You'll then be prompted to create a password. Make sure it meets all the highlighted criteria then click on 'Create Account'


Once the account is created, you can sign in with your email address and password. You'll be taken to the following screen where you can enter your phone number to receive a text to download the mobile app on your device.



Afterwards, you will be able to access our powerful web dashboard. This will be the same account you use to sign in on the mobile app.


Installation on iOS

Download the MileIQ app to your iOS device from the Apple App Store

This is the image of the iTunes app store button.

Installation on Android

Download the MileIQ app to your Android device from the Google Play Store.

This is the image of the Google Play app store button.


Account Signup on Mobile App

1. If you haven't signed up on the website already, you can sign up as a new user with a valid email address through the app. Tap on 'Start Tracking my Miles' to begin.



2. You will be prompted to enter your email address. Once entered, tap 'Continue'. Then create a password for your account. Please note, your password must meet the highlighted criteria.




3. For a quick tutorial on how MileIQ works, tap on 'Start Tutorial'. You'll be presented with a slide show teaching you the basic functions of the MileIQ App 



4. Once the Tutorial is completed, you'll be given the option to subscription to a premium plan. You can still continue with a free account however.



5. You'll next be prompted to allow certain permissions for the MileIQ app. The first will be Location services. On the first screen, choose Allow While Using App.


You'll then be prompted to change that setting to Always Allow. Ensure you tap Change to Always Allow for both prompts.




6. Next you will be prompted to allow Motion & Fitness (iPhone) or Physical Activity (Android). Ensure that you choose 'Allow'


7. Finally you'll be asked to enable Push Notifications. Choose Allow to both options.




Important: Please allow location services in the manner above as MileIQ's ability to detect drives depends on having access to location services at all times.

As you drive, MileIQ will automatically detect your trips and your drives will be linked to your account on the MileIQ Web Dashboard.

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