How to: Edit the Business Rate and Distance Unit (UK)

Need to change the value of your reimbursable mileage or switch to tracking in kilometres? No problem!

The business rate and distance unit can both be changed from the MileIQ web dashboard at (login using the same email and password as the app).

Once logged in to the dashboard, click on the ‘Settings’ button next to your username and navigate to the ‘Rates and Units’ section.


Edit the business rate:

The reimbursement rate used to calculate the value of business drives is by default set to current HMRC standard rates, but can easily be adjusted by navigating to Settings > Rates & Units

From the Rates & Units section of the Settings page, a custom rate can be set for each Kind of vehicle.


For example, the 2016 default rate for cars/vans is 45p per mile for the first 10,000 business miles, but by clicking and typing in the text box, any amount can be entered (rate must be greater than $0.00). The same goes for all rates above and below 10,000 miles for cars/vans, motorcycles, and bikes. Clicking 'Update Rate' will set the new rate throughout MileIQ. Any reports that are submitted will also reflect the updated rate.  


  • The business rate can also be edited anytime a report is run. From the drive dashboard, select any number of classified drives and then choose the green button "Report # drives" from the bottom right. Doing so will give you additional report options, including a field to update the business rates.
  • Adjusting the business rates when reporting drives will only be applied to the drives in the current report. Use the Settings page to set a new default rate.

Edit the distance unit:

The unit MileIQ uses to calculate distance can be changed by toggling the 'Use Metric Units (KM) for distance' to Yes or No. Sliding the toggle to the green 'Yes' will cause MileIQ to re-calculate the distance (and therefore the value) of all drives in MileIQ. Any reports that are submitted will also reflect the new distance unit.


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