Help: I've already paid, but my account shows free!

Don't worry! We're here to help make sure you don't lose any valuable mileage and have a few common troubleshooting tips to locate your Premium account:

1.  Double check the account you're currently logged into by going to Settings > Account > Signed In: to verify the email address on file.

  • If the email you're currently logged into is different from the one used to purchase the Premium subscription, that means that a second account was accidentally created and will need to be merged into the original. Contact our Customer Success team by visiting from both email addresses (for your security, we require written verification that you are the owner of both accounts) and we can assist with merging into one premium subscription under the email of your choice. 
  • TIP: To check which email address was linked to the Premium subscription, check your inbox for your MileIQ receipt or upgrade confirmation and verify you're logging into the same account that the receipt was sent to. 
  • TIP: If you no longer have access to the email address associated with the account and are unable to reset the password, please fill out the form at with some additional information to help us verify ownership of your MileIQ account (additional information can include the last 4 digits of the credit card used to purchase the subscription, start/stop locations of a few recent drives, and any customized features that were setup on the account).

2.  If you've confirmed that you're logged into the same account and still not seeing the Premium status reflected, try restoring the purchase. 

  • To restore, go to Menu > Account Settings > GET UNLIMITED DRIVES. At the top of the screen, press the "Restore" button. This will restore your purchase (at no additional cost) and the app should reflect your premium subscription. 

3.  Verify that your payment went through. After upgrading, you would have received an upgrade confirmation email along with a receipt for the purchase. If you didn't receive these emails, it's possible that the payment didn't go through.

  • TIP: If you upgraded in the app, your payment was processed by the iTunes or Google Play app store, and your receipt will come from them directly. 

4.  Check to make sure your account hasn't accidentally lapsed or expired.

5.  Still having trouble? Reach out to our Customer Success team by completing the form at and we'll help you track down your Premium account and get you squared away!

  • When writing in, please include a copy of your original receipt (that was sent to your email address) and any other e-mail addresses the account could be listed under. 


Additional Tips:

  • Double-check for any typos in your email address. If it was accidentally misspelled, follow the steps outlined in the article How to: Change Email / Username for MileIQ to change your username (you can still log in using the misspelled email). 
  • Not sure which email address you used to create an account? Enter all email addresses you use into our password reset form. If an account exists, you’ll receive an email with further details.
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