How to: Redeem a Referrals Bonus

Referral bonuses are paid out from the web dashboard at From Settings, navigate to Account > Refer a Friend along the left menu, then scroll to to the Your Referral Activity section. Qualified referrals will have a Claim $25 Reward button next to them, which will generate a Tango e-gift card that can be used at a wide variety of retailers.

To claim a referral:

1. Log into using the same email and password as the mobile app.

2. Go to Settings at the top right of the page.

This is a screenshot of the MileIQ dashboard with the Settings button highlighted at the top right of the page.

3.  Select Account > Refer A Friend from the left side menu.

This is a screenshot of the settings page with Refer a Friend highlighted under Account and the Refer a Friend activity shown.

4.  Scroll down to the Your Referral Activity section. This will give a complete overview of the status of your referrals, including how many of your colleagues have signed up for MileIQ accounts, upgraded to a Premium Account, and any available claims to redeem.This is a screenshot of the Refer a Friend page showing the Your Referral Activity section.

5.  Click on the Claim $25 Reward button next to a qualified invitee. (Note: your referral bonus is paid out 30 days after the person you’ve invited has upgraded.)

This is a screenshot of the Tango Card redemption modal open.

6.  To redeem your reward immediately, click on Redeem now at Tango Card to be directed to our partner site.  Your Card # and Pin information will stay saved and ready for you to redeem whenever you are ready.

7.  Once the claim has been redeemed, the status will updated to “View reward” on the Referral Activity section.

For more information regarding the Referrals program, along with full Terms and Conditions, please see: How to: Get Paid for Referrals

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