Optimize Drive Detection on Samsung Phones

Some Android devices may have default settings enabled that terminate background apps from running after a certain amount of time in an attempt to conserve battery and improve overall performance.

However, MileIQ does need to be running in the background of your device to record drives properly; optimize these settings to allow MileIQ to receive location information and keep your mileage on track.

On Samsung, this is controlled by the Smart Manager app by default and will force-quit any app that hasn't been launched in 3 days. To see if this is the cause of the problems you were having, please check the following settings in the Smart Manager app:


  1. Find and open the “Smart Manager” app on your device
  2. Click on Battery
  3. Under the "App optimization" or "App power saving" area - Click “Detail”
  4. Select MileIQ from the list
5. Change the setting to "Turned off"

Please check your specific device for any settings that may be preventing MileIQ from launching in the background, generally this will be found in the Battery menu and can even be caused by Power Saving or third-party battery management apps.

Adjusting this setting should have minimal impact on your device battery and performance as MileIQ should consume almost no power when stationary (as it quickly goes to "sleep"), and it will typically only minimally increase battery when in transit.


LG - Consider disabling the Power Saving feature on your device for MileIQ. You can normally find this setting under Settings > General > Battery & Power saving.

Motorola - Some Motorola phones will have a built in Battery Optimization feature that will shut down the "activity of seldom used apps". To turn this off so MileIQ isn't shut down preventing drive detection, tap Apps > Settings > Battery. Then tap the menu button > Battery Optimization > All Apps. Find MileIQ and disable this optimization feature for it.

For more troubleshooting suggestions, see here: Why am I missing a drive?

Please see our Battery Life Best Practices article for tips on improving battery usage.  

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