How to: Search for Drives

Need to locate specific drives? There are three primary ways to search for drives at the MileIQ Web Dashboard:

  1. Use the calendar to filter drives within a date range.
  2. Filter your drives using the Drive Tiles
  3. "Search for drives..." bar.

This shows the 3 filtering options in the Drives tab, date filter, drive tiles, and the search bar

This is incredibly powerful when combined with our Bulk Edit feature, which will save you time when editing multiple drives.

Use the calendar to filter drives within a date range

The first way to search for drives is by selecting the date range, current month, previous month, previous 3 months, year to date, or the previous year. This will quickly show you all drives for the corresponding date range to view, edit, classify, and report.

This shows the date filter opened with 2 specifc dates circled within a month and the quick-date filters

Filter Drives using the Drive Tiles

The "All Drives" slider is pre-set to show you all your drives. The Drive Tiles show all your drives in the selected date range with the corresponding classification purpose.

The drive tiles can be filtered by tapping a combination of the specific purposes, clicking into the pie chart of drives, or filtering just business, personal or unclassified drives

  1. Filter any portion of your drives with the drive pie chart.
  2. Filter all your business, personal, or unclassified drives.
    • Quickly filter in all your Business or Personal drives by clicking on the corresponding filter.
    • Quickly find drives needing classification with the Unclassified filter.
  3. Select any one or combination of the drive tiles will filter all drives with that or those specific classification(s) within the selected date range.

Select 2 drive tile filters like Meeting and Between Offices to filter in drives with those purposes

To reset the filters to show all drives again, click on ‘X Clear Filters’ above the drive tiles.

This shows the clear filter button to reset the drive tiles to show all drives

Use the Search bar

The search bar can be used to search for any drive details in your drives including classification, custom purpose, vehicle name, notes, routes from and to locations, and named locations. If you're using the Name your Location feature, you can search for the custom location name here to find those drives. For more information on using this feature, please see here: How to: Name your Locations


 Searching for a vehicle name will filter in all drives with that information. 


Select all drives with the checkbox below the search bar to adjust the details for all selected drives at the same time.

  • To change a drive one at a time, you will need to select one drive individually instead of the selecting all drives.
  • The amount of drives being edited at once is shown with the number displayed on the drive card as well as in the “Modify these drives?” confirmation box.


Use all three search options together

Common practice is to use all three of the search functions in unison to find, edit, and report specific combinations of drives.

This shows using the 3 search options together by selecting November, just business drives and only drives assigned the 'mustang' vehicle

In the screenshot above, the following filters have been applied:

  1. The “Last Month” filter has been applied to the date range
  2. All “Business” drives have been filtered
  3. All drives have the ‘Mustang’ vehicle applied

After selecting all drives in this example, click ‘Report’ to create a report of all business drives from November 2016 using the ‘mustang’ vehicle.

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