How to: View, Classify and Report Drives by Month in the MileIQ Mobile App

How do I view, classify and report drives within the mobile app every month?

The MileIQ mobile app shows you the value of your drives for every month and makes it easy to classify and report them.

This image shows the monthly summary in the mobile app.

To see a list of your monthly drive totals, tap “Monthly Summaries” from the main menu or tap the header when you’re viewing your drives.

This image shows the menu in the mobile app, highlighting monthly summaries.

This image shows the drive feed on the mobile app.

For each month on the list, you’ll see the value of your classified drives. Tap into a month to see an expanded summary of monthly stats.

If all your drives for the month are classified, you’ll see a breakdown of business vs. personal drives.

This image shows the donut chart in the monthly summaries page.

If you still have unclassified drives that month, you’ll see the total potential value for the month. You can tap “Go to [Month] Drives” to view and classify your unclassified drives or tap “Report [Month] Drives” to send yourself a report of that month’s drives.

This image shows the bar chart for December within the See All Months view.

(Note that if you were on the free Limited plan in a given month, you’ll only see stats for your first 40 drives that month.)

To return to your most recent drives, select the current month from the list or or tap “Drives” in main menu.

This image shows the menu, highlighting drives.

With the monthly drive summaries in MileIQ, you can:

  • View and add detail to ALL of your unclassified drives within the mobile app;
  • Easily view and report on your drive stats for any given month; and
  • See the total potential value of your drives in a single view.
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