MileIQ and Google Play Gift Cards

The most common way that Android phone customers upgrade to a premium subscription with MileIQ is through Google Play and we've been receiving questions about whether we accept Google Play gift cards.

Unfortunately, subscription services like MileIQ are not eligible for payment through Google Play gift cards or balances thereof. Specifically, the support at Google Play states that "Google Play balance can be used to pay for subscriptions on Google Play Music and Google Play Newsstand but can't be used to pay for other types of subscriptions."

You can read the full document here under restrictions for the US:

My favorite way for our customers to upgrade is through our web dashboard, because we have a far greater ability to serve you should any billing issues come up. To upgrade from our web dashboard:

1) Log into your MileIQ account at the MileIQ web dashboard ( - log in using the same email and password as the app)

2) Click the yellow "Get unlimited drives" button at the top of the screen

3) Select your subscription: click Monthly or Annual 

4) Checkout with your credit card of choice
5) Watch the drives add up! (a receipt will be emailed to the address on file with us)

Thank you for upgrading! 


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