How to: Get Paid for Referrals

Like MileIQ? Share us with your friends and earn $25 for each new MileIQ user who signs-up for an account and upgrades to an Annual Premium subscription using your personal referral link. Plus, each friend you refer will get started with 20% off an Annual Premium subscription.  It’s a win-win!

Find your personal referral link within the MileIQ app by tapping on Menu, then Refer a Friend. Then select how you’d like to send your invitations, either via Text or Email. 

UK/CAN: Please note that our Referrals Program is not available to UK/CAN users at this time.

How to Share MileIQ:

- On iOS

- On Android

- On Social Media

Referral Status Dashboard

Referral FAQ's


On iOS:

This is a screenshot of the MileIQ iOS app with the menu opened and the Refer a Friend option highlighted.  This is a screenshot of the Refer a Friend page in the MileIQ iOS app

On Android:

This is a screenshot of the MileIQ Android app with the Refer a Friend menu option highlighted.       This is a screenshot of the Refer a Friend page in the MileIQ Android app

Your personal referral link, along with a pre-populated message will be generated for you to share out with your friends. Feel free to add your own personal notes as well.  

Share on Social Media

Use the “Copy your personal link” button to instantly copy the link to your clipboard. From there, you can paste the link to your social websites and share with personal connections.  

This is a screenshot of the Refer a Friend page with Copy your personal link highlighted.

Referral Status Dashboard

Keep track of your referrals and reward status from the web dashboard at (sign in using the same email and password as the app)

Click on Settings > Refer a Friend after logging in to see a historical view of your sent invites and the status of each referral.

This is a screenshot of the Refer a Friend page on the MileIQ web dashboard.

Referral FAQ’s

What are the restrictions?

Referrals must be new-users to MileIQ, they have to create a new account by clicking on your personal referral link, and their Annual Premium subscription must remain active for 30 days.  If a referral cancels their subscription within 30 days, no bonus will be paid out.  

Referrals are not yet available to MileIQ UK users.


When will I get paid?

Referral bonuses are paid out 30 days after your friend has upgraded their account to an Annual Premium subscription.


How will I get paid?

Referral bonuses are claimed directly from the Refer a Friend page of the web dashboard.  For more information on claiming any available bonuses, see here: How to: Redeem a Referrals Bonus

You will be sent a $25 e-gift card in the form of a Tangocard (Tangocard Rewards Catalog) to the email address associated with your MileIQ account.  Be sure that the email on file is current and you have access to the inbox, as gift cards cannot be resent.  

To check the email address currently on file, from within the MileIQ app navigate to Menu > Account > Signed In:.  If you need to update this information, please see here: How to: Change Email / Username

Tangocards cannot be re-issued for any reason.  

Additionally, make sure is added to your list of authorized senders to prevent your bonus from getting caught in any spam filters.


Can my friend still get the discount for a monthly plan? Will I still receive a bonus?

No, referral discounts and bonuses can only be applied if your friend upgrades to an Annual Premium subscription using your personal referral link.


My friend said they upgraded, but I didn’t get the referral bonus.  How can I check?

To check on the status of your referrals, visit your web dashboard at (login using the same email and password as the app), click on Settings, then Referrals to see a complete history of your referrals and their current status.  


What if my friend upgraded through the iTunes/Google Play store?

Please contact us directly at if your friend upgrades through the iTunes or Google Play store.  We will do our best to honor the bonus.  


I’m not seeing the option to “Refer a Friend” in my app?

Referrals are only available in the latest version of the iOS and Android app. You can update your version of MileIQ:

  • on iOS by going to App Store > Updates > MileIQ > Update
  • on Android by going to Play Store > Settings (at the top left) > My apps > MileIQ > Update


Referrals Terms of Service:

Existing users attempting to take advantage of the referral program may have their referral promotions disabled.  MileIQ reserves the right to suspend an account and revoke any referral bonuses if they were earned against our terms.

MileIQ may terminate a user’s ability to participate in the Referral Program at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend the referral accounts or modify as we deem fair and appropriate.

MileIQ Terms of Service


Have additional questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at anytime by emailing


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