How to: Switch to a New Device

Changing to a new device with MileIQ is easy!

Simply log out of the MileIQ app on your old device from Settings > Account > Signed In > Sign Out

Then, from your new device follow the steps for install of the app as detailed here: Installing MileIQ and Account Signup

Once the app is installed on the new device, start the app.  You'll see a screen welcoming you to MileIQ. Tap the option that you already have a MileIQ account.  Then, proceed to log in using the same email and password as before and you're good to go.

That's it!

The great thing about our service is it is tied to your email and our cloud servers, not any specific device.

To see all your historical drives, log into your dashboard (same email and password as the app) at the MileIQ website here:


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