How to: Put MileIQ on a New Device

How do I install MileIQ on a new device / Transfer from an old device?


Lost your old phone? Upgrading to a new device? Changing to a new device with MileIQ is easy! Sign into MileIQ with the same email used before to keep your premium subscription and continue adding drives to all your past mileage logs since we safely store your drive logs in the cloud!


Old Device

Make sure you delete the MileIQ app or log out on your old device from Menu > Account Setting > Signed In (email address at the top) > Sign Out

Note: Transferring the app from your old device to the new device does not necessarily keep your login credentials saved. Installing the app fresh on your new device is recommended.

  • Why? Having your MileIQ account active on multiple devices can cause drastic inconsistencies and errors in your captured drives
  • If you turn your phone into your cell phone company without remembering to delete or log out of the MileIQ app, then they should have done it for you.
  • This will help provide confirmation of which email address you used when creating your MileIQ account. Be sure to use this same email address to sign in on the new device.

New Device

On your new device, install the MileIQ app from either:

Once the app is installed open the app and you'll see a screen welcoming you to MileIQ. Tap the "Get Started" option and enter the same email you previously used for your MileIQ account. Then, proceed to log in to your existing account using the same password used previously and you're good to go.

That's it! The great thing about our service is it is tied to your email and our cloud servers, not any specific device.


Additional Information

To see all your historical drives, log into your dashboard (same email and password as the app) at the MileIQ website here:

If you can't remember your password, you can reset it from the mobile app and web dashboard. For more information, please see here: How to: Reset your Password

If you no longer have access to the email you used previously, you'll need to reach out to our Customer Success team for assistance. For more information on changing the email associated with your MileIQ account, please see here: How to: Change Email / Username for MileIQ

If you no longer have access to your email you originally used with MileIQ and can't remember your password, please fill out the form at with the following information:

  • Email used previously with MileIQ
  • Subscription receipt or details such as purchase date and method of upgrade
    • Original Purchase or Renewal Dates.
    • Via Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Web Dashboard.
    • Subscription Type (Monthly, Annual, Enterprise, Tax Professional)
  • Recent Drive Details
    • 2-3 examples of the most recently captured drives on the account (locations, time, and dates)
  • Email to use going forward with MileIQ


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