How to update your billing details

Updating your billing information is simple via the app or web dashboard. If your subscription is through Apple or Google, you can update directly with them.

Upgraded on the Web Dashboard?

Upgraded on your Phone?

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions


Web Dashboard

If you upgraded through the web dashboard, a direct upgrade link, or used a discount code, then you'll first need to head over to the dashboard login at Enter your email address, then click continue to enter your password.



Once logged in, click on Subscription in the left panel. then on Manage Subscription. 



Upgraded on your Phone?

If you originally upgraded through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (the default payment methods on iPhones/iPads and Android devices) and your payment doesn't go through successfully, Apple and Google will typically notify you to correct the billing information through the appropriate billing service within a few days. If the billing information is not corrected within a few days, then the subscription is automatically canceled by Apple or Google. (FYI, all your driving logs are safe and secure on your web dashboard).

If payment attempts fail after 7 days through your phone's payment service, then you have a couple of options to continue getting unlimited drives:

  1. Reactivate your plan through your original billing service:
  2. Renew your subscription through the web dashboard by logging in with the same email/password as shown in the app. (Your MileIQ email can be found in the MileIQ mobile app by tapping Menu > Account Settings) After logging into the dashboard, simply click 'Select' next to the monthly or annual plan you prefer.




Apple App Store

Reactivate a Cancelled Subscription: If your MileIQ subscription has already been canceled, Apple subscriptions can be reactivated through the App Store within 60 days here: Manage your iTunes subscriptions 

For more information on managing subscriptions through iTunes, please see here: View, change, or cancel your Apple subscriptions 

If you'd rather upgrade with a different card than the one attached to your iTunes account, please upgrade through the MileIQ web dashboard with the same MileIQ account here:



Google Play Store

Reactivate a Cancelled Subscription: If your subscription has already been canceled due to failed payments, you can reactivate your subscription here under 'Past subscriptions and services': Manage Subscriptions and Services on Google Play

To update your billing information through the Google Play Store during the retry period:

  1. Open the Play Store on your Device
  2. Tap on your Account Icon in the upper right
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions
  4. Tap Payment methods
  5. Input a working billing method (updated card or new card)
  6. Tap Update/Save

For more information about how to change your billing information through Google Play, please see here: Add, Remove or Edit your Google Play payment method.

If you'd rather upgrade with a different card than the one attached to your Google Play account, please upgrade through the MileIQ web dashboard with the same MileIQ account here:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I verify the status of my subscription?
A: Verify the current status of your subscription through our web dashboard

Q: How can I renew my plan using my original billing service?
A: For more information on what might've caused your subscription to expire and on renewing your subscription through your phone, see the Google Play Store section or the Apple App Store section.

Q: Can I renew my subscription outside of Google or Apple?
A: Yes. Head to and select your desired plan going forward, or contact us by filling out the form at from the email address on file with MileIQ to let us know you'd like to renew. At that time, we'll reply with a direct, upgrade link tied to your account so you continue capturing unlimited drives.

Q: Can I estimate my mileage logs?
A: No. If you don't have exact, reliable records, the IRS will ordinarily disallow your entire mileage deduction in cases of audit. 

Q: How can I contact someone from MileIQ?
A: If you have any questions, please reach out to us using the form found at

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