Help: Why did MileIQ catch an extra drive?

Why do I have an extra drive that I didn't take?


Don't worry! In nearly every scenario, there is a simple explanation for why you might see an extra drive. Something that is very important to note, the MileIQ algorithm would rather upload a drive that we're not sure about, than assume it wasn't important to you, and discard it.


The most common reasons for these extra drives are:


Logged into Multiple Devices 

The most common reason MileIQ would catch an extra drive is that one MileIQ account is logged into multiple devices (i.e. iPad and iPhone or iPhone and Android).

Unfortunately, it is a problem to try and run MileIQ on two devices at once, as this can cause quite a bit of confusion for the MileIQ drive processor. If this is the case, please delete the app off one of the devices (or sign out and sign back in with a different email on the second device).


Recently Moved

If everything is set up correctly, have you, or someone nearby, moved recently? It may sound odd, but WiFi base stations are programmed to remember physical location details. So, if you move and plug in an old base station in a new location, it may take up to a week or more for your WiFi provider to update to your new location.

In the meantime, the device and the base station may be reporting different location information and if the move was a relatively short distance from your old address, our drive processor may occasionally think that a drive has occurred even when one hasn't. We are working to eventually account for this unique oddity.

If you think this issue may apply to you, we have a couple of things for you to try to help the base station update its location information more quickly:

  • One trick is to keep Apple or Google maps open on the device while it's connected to WiFi (for a couple of hours). The idea here is that the GPS function in the maps application will help the base station to 're-learn' the new, correct location. This has been successful in many cases.


Drive Detection Best Practices

If the account was not logged into multiple devices at one time, and you haven't moved recently, please check our Drive Detection best practices to ensure that the device is set up optimally for drive detection.



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