How to: Submit a Mileage Report to FreshBooks

Submitting your mileage to FreshBooks Classic is easy with MileIQ!

  1. Follow the steps to get started with MileIQ
  2. Sign in to your MileIQ web dashboard 
  3. Select the first set of classified drives (“Business" or “Personal”) you want to submit to FreshBooks
  4. Click the green "Report" button on the bottom right of the drive pane
  5. Choose FreshBooks from the list of report options
  6. A one-time time account authorization is necessary with your FreshBooks account. Enter your subdomain ( and click "Authorize FreshBooks"
  7. Sign in to your FreshBooks account.
  8. Click the "Allow Access" button. 
  9. You can now submit drives to FreshBooks
If you need any help, have questions or feedback, please fill out the form at

Additional Information

  • MileIQ currently integrates with FreshBooks Classic. We are working to integrate with the new Freshbooks soon!
  • You’ll know your accounts have been successfully connected when your FreshBooks client and project information appears as drop-down choices in the “Additional Info” section of the reporting screen in MileIQ. After you set up this link the first time, you’ll be able to submit mileage expenses from MileIQ to FreshBooks without having to re-establish the connection.
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