How to delete a drive

Deleting a drive is a breeze and can be easily accomplished using either the app or the web dashboard.

Mobile App

Removing an unclassified drive is a piece of cake! Simply head to the bottom right of the Drive Card and tap on the trash can icon Trash.png .

Once you've given it a tap, a confirmation screen will pop up asking for a little insight into why you're deleting the drive. Your input here really helps us fine-tune MileIQ to work even better for you.

Just a quick note: Drives that have already been classified can only be deleted from the web dashboard.

Web Dashboard

When it comes to the web dashboard, we've got you covered with two simple ways to delete a drive. Here's how:

1. Hover and Delete: Find the drive you want to delete, hover over it, and a trash can icon will appear. Go ahead and give it a click. Confirm your decision on the next screen, and remember, this step can't be undone. 

2. Click and Delete: Select the drive you want to delete, then click anywhere on its row. A sidebar will slide in, revealing all the drive details. Scroll down to find the Delete button, give it a click, and confirm on the following screen. Keep in mind that this action is permanent, so make sure you're certain.

Oh, and before you go, here's something important to keep in mind ⚠️:

If, by some mishap, you've deleted a drive and want to bring it back, don't worry! Just reach out to us at and fill out the form.

Let us know the date of the drive that got away, and we'll do our best to work our magic.

Our Support team will restore those drives you're missing.

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