How to: Get My Deduction or Reimbursement

MileIQ is committed to you, the self-directed worker. We want to see you get paid for the miles you drive!

You can either submit your miles for reimbursement to your employer (if they pay for business miles), or else you can deduct them from your taxes if they are business related drives and you are a Schedule C filer (small business owner). 
To deduct them on your taxes, you'll want to consult a tax professional to ensure that you are filling out the proper forms. That said, you'll need to follow the tax instructions for deducting business use of a vehicle. When you classify your drives in your account from our web dashboard, you can see what the IRS deductions (against your business income) would be. Just remember that the IRS requires a "Purpose" for every drive which you can add from the drop-down menu in your dashboard.

For more information about using your vehicle for business in the US, please see this article from the IRS: Business Use of Car  At MileIQ, we work to make it as easy as possible for you to submit your miles for expense, invoice, or tax purposes!

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