Take Your First Drive

How do I track my drives?

After you've installed the MileIQ app (see How to: Installing MileIQ and Account Signup for more information), the next step is to take a drive. Be sure to check that location services are enabled on your device so that MileIQ can accurately track your drives.

Until you take a drive, nothing will be displayed in the app, as the best part of MileIQ is the fact that drive detection is automatic!

There's nothing to press to start or stop a drive - MileIQ has it covered! 

What happens after I take my first drive?

After taking your first drive, allow up to 15 minutes for the drive to be processed and delivered to the MileIQ mobile app. Usually this happens faster, but in areas with weak or blocked signals, it can take longer.

MileIQ uses this 'settling time' to determine whether the movement that just occurred was a drive and whether you have come to a final resting point.

Once MileIQ has detected that you've taken a drive, a drive card will automatically show up in the app with start and end locations, mileage, and time.

What do I do with the drive card?

The final step is to classify the drive as either business or personal. A simple swipe to the right will classify the drive as business, and a swipe to the left will classify it as personal. 

More information on classifying drives can be found at the article How to: Classify Drives.

Once classified, your drives will move to the web dashboard at dashboard.mileiq.com where they can be edited, reported on, and more. 

If either of the locations included in your first drive will be frequently visited and aren't within 0.12 miles of any other visited location, you can name the location so you're able to easily recognize it in the future. For more information on naming your locations, please see here: How to: Name your Locations.

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