Can I use MileIQ for ride-sharing?

Yes! MileIQ is used by thousands of ride-sharing drivers to automatically capture all of their deductible mileage.  

Most ride-sharing applications will provide their drivers with reports of mileage driven only while on passenger trips. We recommend using MileIQ to capture the drives in between passenger trips to ensure all your mileage is captured and included in your reporting.

Learn more about reporting with MileIQ in our Reporting section.

While uncommon, it's important to note that using MileIQ in some urban areas where there are many quick stops can be challenging due to how MileIQ currently detects drives.

In addition to needing a ½ mile to 1 mile distance to know a new trip has started, MileIQ needs around 10-15 minutes between drives for our drive processor to 'settle' on whether the movement was a drive and whether the vehicle has come to a resting point.

Additionally, if many quick stops are made during the same trip, or if the final end point of a drive is at the same location as the starting point, MileIQ may disregard a portion (or all) of the drive.

Any drives that may have accidentally been disregarded can be manually added by referencing our article How to add Drives.

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