How to: Submit a Mileage Report to Concur

Submitting your mileage to Concur is easy with MileIQ!

  1. Follow the steps to get started with MileIQ
  2. Sign in to your MileIQ web dashboard using the same email and password as app
  3. Select the classified drives you want to submit to Concur
  4. Click the green "Report" button on the bottom right of the drive details pane
  5. Choose Concur from the list of "Send as" report options
  6. Select the green “Authorize Concur” button

  7. A new (Concur) window will open and ask you to sign in if you aren't already logged into Concur
  8. Once signed in to Concur, you’ll be asked to “Allow” (blue button) MileIQ to access your Concur account
  9. The window will change to “You have successfully logged into Concur” then close automatically after a couple seconds

NOTE: You’ll know your accounts have been successfully connected when your Concur expense reports appear as drop-down choices in the “Additional Info” section of the reporting screen in MileIQ. After you set up this link the first time, you’ll be able to submit mileage expenses from MileIQ to Concur without having to re-establish the connection.

10. You can now submit drives to your expense reports in Concur by selecting the report from the drop down list and naming the report in MileIQ.

Unable to submit a report to Concur?

For our list of best practices or if you receive any errors when reporting to Concur from MileIQ, please reference this article: Concur Reporting Best Practices


Additional Information

  • Concur does not currently support submission of reports to expense policies that include variable rates or any non-default expense or payment settings.
  • MileIQ does not support IE8. The web dashboard works best on IE9 or later, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
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