How to request a Monthly Report

Requesting a monthly report of your drives from MileIQ has never been easier! We now offer two seamless ways to get monthly reports from drives emailed to you: from within the MileIQ mobile app or from the header of the MileIQ web dashboard.

Mobile App

From the mobile app interface, first tap on the share/send button at the top right of the screen.

Screenshot of the MileIQ app drives list (100% logged), showing where to find the report icon.

Then, select the month for which you would like to receive your recorded drives.

Screenshot showing menu choices once you tap the report icon in the MileIQ app.

And that's it! Check your inbox for an email with download links to the PDF and CSV files with your monthly drives.

Web Dashboard

To see mileage or to print a report for reimbursement from the MileIQ web dashboard (same username and password as the app at, the first step is to sign in.


You'll be taken to your drives once you're logged in. First, make sure all the drives have been classified to ensure maximum business drive reimbursement. Then, to create a monthly mileage report, click on the “Report” tab at the top of the page.

Screenshot highlighting the Reports view in the MileIQ Web Dashboard.

After clicking on the “Report” tab, you’ll now see the Reports View, where you can create and view archived reports.

Screenshot showing the top portion of the Reports view of the MileIQ Web Dashboard.

Next, select the monthly date range of drives and the types of drives you’d like to report.

Screenshot highlighting the date drop-down menu of the Reports tab, the month navigation buttons, start and end dates of the report, and the 'Create this report' button.

For the screenshots above, I selected the January 1st to January 31st dates to view all drives from January. Choosing “Create this report” will bring up the Create Report dialog box to label the newly created report and choose the delivery method. Reports can be delivered through email or Concur. An archive will be kept of any reports delivered through email.


The above screenshot shows the report will be named “Mileage Report” and be emailed to both and Click “Create Report” to email the reports to the designated addresses or expense program and the report will be created.

After creating the report, it will also be available to download at any time under Archived Reports in the Reports View of the MileIQ Web Dashboard.

Screenshot of the lower portion of the Reports view of the MileIQ Web Dashboard, highlighting an archived report titled 'January 2017.'

To download the report directly from the Web Dashboard, click on the “CSV” or “PDF” button on the corresponding report, and you will be prompted to open or save the report to your computer.


  • Monthly reports are available in both CSV and PDF formats.
  • CSV reports are best viewed in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and Google Sheets - you can modify your rates, and they will update dynamically.
  • You can email your report to multiple parties by separating the email addresses using commas.

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