How to see all my Drives

Whether you're on the go with our mobile app or relaxing at your computer using the web dashboard, your drive history is just a few clicks away.

Let's walk through how you can effortlessly view and manage your drives:

On the Mobile App:

Unlock a world of convenience with our mobile app. Easily track your drive history and get insights into your journeys.

1. Open the app and tap on the three parallel bars (☰) located at the top left corner to access Settings.

2. Click on "All Drives" to reveal your complete list of drives, including those you've classified before and those that are yet to be categorized. Remember, once you classify a drive, it will no longer appear in the Unclassified list, helping you stay organized.

3. You'll initially see drives from the current month. To explore drives from other months, just tap on the current month's dropdown and choose "All Months View." Then, select your desired month and tap "View/Edit All Drives" to see all the drives within that time frame.

4. For a more refined experience, you can filter drives based on their purpose—business, personal, or unclassified.

On the Web Dashboard:

When you're at your computer, our web dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your drives, plus additional features.

1. Log in to the web dashboard using the same email and password as your app.

2. By default, you'll see drives from the last 30 days, but you can easily change this. Simply pick a different date range from the dropdown menu. You'll find options like the last month, the last 3 months, year-to-date, and even the previous year. You can also choose any two specific dates using the calendar that pops up.

3. Once you're satisfied, just hit 'Done' to finalize your selection.

As you scroll down, you'll be able to see all the drives falling within your chosen date range.

Extra Tips:

If you're missing some drives, don't worry! There could be reasons like using a different account or accidental deletions. 

If you need assistance, please complete the form at and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

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