How to: See All My Drives

Once a drive has been classified, it disappears from the MileIQ app unclassified drives list.

You can see a complete history of all the drives you've taken on the mobile app or web dashboard (same email and password as the app).

Viewing All Drives on the Mobile App

Note: This feature is available for US users only.

View all your drives on the mobile app, including previously classified drives. Simply tap on Settings ☰ (three parallel bars on the top left) > All Drives to see the full list of your business, personal, and unclassified drives.

This shows All Drives circled within the menu of the mobile app

Once you're on the All Drives page, the current month's drives will be shown. To view a different month's drives, tap on the current month dropdown to see the All Months View. Tap on the desired month and tap View/Edit All Drives to see all drives within that month.

This shows the month circled to take you to the All Months View to review a different monthThis shows the option within the All Months View to view or edit all drives within a specific month

Within each month, you can filter drives by purpose (business, personal, or unclassified).

This shows the business purpose selected to filter in drives that have been classified as business

Viewing All Drives on the Dashboard

Log into the dashboard (same email and password as the app) at the MileIQ web dashboard.


Once you log in, you can see your drives, edit drive details, and create expense reports.

Screenshot of the MileIQ Web Dashboard drives view.

By default, only the last 30 days will be displayed in the drive list. This can easily be changed by selecting a new date range from the date drop-down menu. You can quickly view your past week or two weeks of drives, view drives from the previous month or half a year, and as well as your drives from the entire year or previous year using these options.

Screenshot of the date chooser highlighting the drop-down menu and quick shortcuts on the MileIQ Web Dashboard drives view.

You can also select any two dates from the calendar to show your drives captured between those days.

Screenshot highlighting the date range chooser in the drop-down for dates in the MileIQ Web Dashboard drives view.

You can then scroll down to view the drives from the selected date range.

Screenshot highlighting the date chooser drop-down and pointing at the checkmark next to a drive in the drives list.

Additional Information

If you’re not finding all your drives, they might have been captured using a different account or have been accidentally deleted. Please complete the form at if you need any assistance.

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