Report Reminders (Teams Pro only)

MileIQ for Teams is a powerful tool for managing and tracking mileage expenses for your organization. One essential feature that can help streamline your expense reporting process is setting up report reminders. 


Report reminders ensure that your drivers submit their mileage reports on time, making the entire process more efficient and organized. Here are the steps to set up report reminders for your team.


1. Log in to your MileIQ for Teams account

  • Log in with your Teams account at to access the Teams Dashboard.


2. Navigate to the “Settings” tab

  • You’ll find the option to enable report reminders on the settings page of your Teams Dashboard. 
  • Once you enable report reminders, you will have the option to customize when reminders are sent. 



3. Customize your report reminders

  • Use the two available drop-downs to customize when reminders are sent to your drivers.
  • You can select when the first reminder is sent, and when the following reminders will be sent. There are a few preset options available, and you can also choose a custom option for repeat reminders. 



4. Save your settings

  • Once you’ve set up all the parameters for your report reminders, just hit “Save” and you’re all set!

Keep in mind:

If you set a report reminder to start on the same day, and it's before 9AM that day, drivers will see their first notification as soon as it becomes 9AM. If the time is already past 9AM for drivers, drivers will see their first notifications on the next scheduled date.

US is 9AM PT
CA is 9AM ET



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I set up different reminder schedules for different team members?

A1: MileIQ for Teams provides a single reminder schedule for all team members. 


Q2: What if a team member is not receiving reminders?

A2: Double-check to make sure the user has accepted their Team invitation and joined your Team.


Q3: Can I change reminder settings at any time?

A3: Yes, you can modify reminder settings whenever you need.


Setting up report reminders in MileIQ for Teams can greatly improve your organization's expense reporting process, ensuring that mileage reports are submitted on time and with accuracy. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can efficiently manage and customize report reminders for your team.

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