MileIQ for Teams: Team-wide Named Locations

Our Team Locations feature helps make your reports easier to read. You can use this feature to assign names to locations your team visits often (e.g., “Office,” “Warehouse,” “Supplier”). These names will show up on future driver reports. Here’s how to create a Team Location:

  1. Open your MileIQ for Teams admin web dashboard and navigate to the “Team Locations” tab.
  2. In the top right corner, select “Add Team Location.”

  1. In the “Address” field, start typing the address of the location you want to name, and select an address from the drop-down menu.  
  2. In the “Location name” field, enter a unique name for the address. For example, “Office.”
  3. Select “Add.”

Your Team Location will now appear on all new reports submitted by your drivers. Note that your drivers’ experience won’t change — they’ll continue to see the default locations in their app and on their web dashboard. 

One note: in order to avoid confusion, a new Team Location can’t be added within 200 meters of an existing Team Location.

Removing/Editing Named Locations

Removing or editing a Named Location is very easy!

To edit or remove a named location, simply click on the ⋮ next to the named location you want to edit/remove and then select either "Remove" if you want to delete the named location or click on Rename" if you want to change the name of the location. 

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