MileIQ for Teams: Managing Your Teams' Reports

As an administrator of a Teams Standard or Pro organization, managing the reports your drivers submitted to you has never been easier.

Download Multiple Reports

You are able to view your Teams Dashboard by navigating to and logging in with the admin credentials. Once there, you can select “Reports” on the left side of the screen.

(Teams Lite drivers/admins will not have this option)

From here you’ll have full access to the reports your drivers have submitted to your Team. Upon clicking on a checkbox, an option will appear on the right side of the screen to download the report as either a PDF or CSV file. You can click on multiple checkboxes to download multiple reports at the same.


Reporting Details

(Teams Lite drivers/admins will not have this option)

Additionally, when selecting a single checkbox, you can select “View drive details” to see more detailed information included in the submitted report.

Selecting the “View drive details” option, clicking on the eye icon, or clicking anywhere on the report line will pull up a preview of all drives within the report. Each drive can be clicked to display information about the drive itself - including a map of the area, a start/end location, the vehicle assigned to the drive, and more!

If you need to help one of your drivers with submitting their reports, please see this article!


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