Round Trip Drives (iPhone)

Note: This feature is only available for some iPhone users and is not yet available for Android users. 

MileIQ makes it easier than ever to classify, recognize, and edit your round trip drives on the mobile app! Drives taken from the Named Locations labeled work or office to any stop, then back to work or office will be grouped together into a round trip drive card.  

Classifying Round Trip Drives

Once MileIQ has detected that you've take a round trip drive from work/office to a location and back to work/office, a round trip drive card will show up. The start and stop locations, mileage, time, and duration of the stop between the round trip drives will be shown within the drive card.  


Note: Only drives that start from the Named Locations: work or office and end back at work or office will will be grouped.

Business / Personal Classification

Similar to classifying a single drive card, a simple swipe across the screen in either direction (swipe left for business or swipe right for personal) will classify a round trip drive.


Custom Purpose Classification

Swiping a round trip card halfway across the screen will reveal an “Add a Purpose” prompt. Releasing the drive card at this point will bring up the MileIQ Custom Purpose grid with secondary classifications related to the primary category. Simply tap on the correct purpose, and the round  trip drive is now classified with the custom purpose. For more information on Custom Purposes, please see the How to: Create Custom Drive Purpose article.

Once you classify the round trip drive, the drive card will no longer be shown on the MileIQ mobile app. To review and make additional changes to the round trip drive, visit the MileIQ Web Dashboard, at  

Editing Round Trip Drives Details

It is easy to add information about Parking, Tolls, Vehicle or other Notes to your round trip drives. Simply tap the Notepad Icon on the bottom left of the drive card before classifying the drive. The notepad will reveal the Parking, Tolls, and Notes space to enter this additional information.


If a Parking or Toll fee is added to the round trip drive card, a prompt will appear. You can choose to apply the parking fee to the first leg of the drive, the returning leg of the drive, or both drives.


Any notes or vehicle added to the round trip drive will be added to both drives when the drives are viewed on the MileIQ Web Dashboard (at 

Notes: If you classify a drive but forgot to add additional notes, parking, or toll information - you can undo the classification by tapping the undo button in the lower right corner of the app. That will put the round trip drive back in your list, allowing you to enter the additional details and re-classify the drive.

Ungrouping Round Trip Drives

If you would like to classify each way of the round trip drive separately, simply click ‘Ungroup’ at the top right corner of the drive card.


A confirmation screen will appear. Click ‘Ungroup’ to finish ungrouping the drives. Once ungrouped, the two drives will appear as two separate drive cards.



Only drives starting from office or work with one stop can be bundled into a round trip drive card. This feature is not yet available for multi-stop round trips.  

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