How to: Classify Drives from your Notifications (iPhone)

Note: This feature is not yet available for Android devices. 

MileIQ now makes it easier than ever to classify your drives on your mobile device. Users on iPhone 7 and later devices can now receive drive notifications once a drive has been recorded. Simply force touch the notification to classify the drive.  

Classifying your drives from your notifications 

After a drive is completed, a drive notification will appear on your device.  


Force touch the notification to classify the drive. A dropdown menu will appear with the options to classify the drive as  'Personal' or 'Business'. 


Once you classify a drive as a business or personal drive, the drive will no longer be shown on your notification screen or on your drives list in the MileIQ mobile app. To review and make additional changes to the drive, visit the MileIQ Web Dashboard, at  


  • To add a custom purpose or drive details, please open the MileIQ app. 
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