How to adjust MileIQ Notifications (Android)

Let MileIQ remind you to classify your drives. You can easily enable MileIQ notifications in the Settings app on your device. The mobile app can send you a notification once your drive has been captured. This usually takes 5 to 15 minutes after your drive has completed.

To enable MileIQ notifications:

1. Tap the Settings app on your device

2. Tap Apps & Notifications

This image highlights the Apps & Notifications in Settings.

3. On the screen, you'll see all the apps installed on your device that support push notifications including MileIQ. Settings for each app are managed separately, so tap on MileIQ to configure 

This image shows the MileIQ app within the Apps & Notifications page.

4. You'll see a toggle for turning notifications 'On'

For Android 8* users: On the Notifications screen, you'll see a toggle for turning Notifications 'On' along with toggles for other notification categories. Toggle the desired notifications to on/green and tap on the categories to configure a desired level of importance. If no level of importance is configured, the notification will be set to default. 

*Android 8 users are now able to adjust different types of notifications within the Settings page of the device. The categories include:

  • Product tips and updates
  • Drive classification reminders
  • Warnings and alerts
  • Drive detection status
  • Special offers

This image shows the MileIQ notification page, showing a list of categories.

All categories can be turned on to a certain level of importance from none, minimum, low, default, to high. You can adjust the notification dot, sound, and blink light for each category by simply tapping into them.

 This image shows the Products tips and updates category page.

You can also manage your email notifications within the mobile app or web dashboard. To learn more, please see: How to adjust email Notifications

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