How to: Adjust MileIQ Notifications (iPhone)

Easily view the number of unclassified drives you have without opening the MileIQ app. You can now turn on badge notifications or push notifications within the Settings app on your iOS device to have a visual reminder of your unclassified drives. The badge notifications will show up on the MileIQ app icon on your device.

Enabling badge app icon updates

1. Tap the Settings app on your device

2. Tap Notifications

3. On the screen, you'll see all the apps installed on your device that support push notifications. Tap on MileIQ to configure 

4. Tap Notifications

This image shows the Notifications page.

5. To allow notifications, toggle the first slider to on/green

This image shows the Notifications page and highlights the Allow Notifications toggle.

6. Then toggle the Badge App Icon to on/green to enable this type of notification

This image shows the Notifications page, highlighting the Badge App Icon toggle.

That's all! You will start seeing the MileIQ badge app icon with the current number of unclassified drives.

This image shows the MileIQ app with a badge showing 9 unclassified drives.

The badge notifications will update every 15 hours if the mobile app isn't launched. If the mobile app is launched, the current number of unclassified drives will be updated immediately.  

Enabling push notification updates

To adjust push notifications, tap on Settings > Account Settings > Push Notifications within the mobile app. 

IMG_1253.PNG      IMG_1252.PNG     


To enable drive classification push notifications, toggle Classification Alerts to green and select either Each Drive, Daily, or Weekly. You can also enable push notifications for Deals and Giveaways and Feature Discovery and Tips.


You can also manage your email notifications within the mobile app or web dashboard. To learn more, please see: How To: Adjust Email Notifications 

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