Android 8 Drive Detection Notification

Why am I seeing a notification that MileIQ is logging my drives? 

With the new Android 8 update and Android's new restrictions to location data, Android 8 users will now see a MileIQ notification appear on the notification screen while the app is using the device's location. 

This image shows the drive detection notification in the notification screen on Android 8.

The notification will show "MileIQ is automatically logging your drives".

This informs you that we are currently running in the background of your device and using your location data to accurately record your drives. No action is needed on your end. 

Additional Information

The notification will appear every time you restart your device. MileIQ needs to turn on active location tracking to figure out where your device is currently located.

For more information on Android 8, please see Android's 8.0 Oreo Article

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