MileIQ Drive Classifier Widget (iPhone)

Note: This feature is not yet available for Android devices.

MileIQ makes it easier than ever to view and classify your drives without needing to open the app. The new MileIQ Drive Classifier widget allows you to get a quick glance at your daily drives.

Simply add the MileIQ widget to your Today View on your iOS device and classify drives directly from the widget. You can see the Today View by swiping right on your phone’s home screen, lock screen, or notification center.

Enabling the Widget

To enable the widget, simply swipe right on your phone’s home screen and click ‘Edit’ at the bottom of the screen.

This is an image of the Today View on an iPhone device. The edit button is highlighted.

Under ‘More Widgets’, click ‘+ MileIQ Drive Classifier’.

This image shows the list of widgets available on the iPhone. The + MileIQ Drive Classifier Widget is highlighted under the MORE WIDGETS section.

You’re all set! Drives caught will now be shown in the widget.

Note: Only drives from today will appear in the widget.

This gif shows how to add the MileIQ Drive Classifier to an iPhone's today view.

Note: To rearrange your widgets in the Today View, click ‘Edit’ > ☰ (three parallel bars to the right of ‘MileIQ Drive Classifier’) and drag it to the desired position.         

For more information on widgets, please see Apple's article: Use Widget on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Classifying your drives 

Once MileIQ catches a drive, the unclassified drive will appear in the MileIQ Drive Classifier widget.

As MileIQ catches more drives throughout the day, you will see the number of drives, miles, and business value add up.

This image shows the MileIQ Drive Classifier widget.


This image shows the MileIQ Drive Classifier widget, highlighting the business icon.

To see drive details for all drives within the day and classify them individually, simply click ‘Show More’ at the upper right corner of the widget.

This image shows the MileIQ Drive Classifier widget, highlighting the Show More button on the top right of the widget.

Then, select the desired drive(s) you want to classify as business or personal.

This image shows the MileIQ Drive Classifier Widget expanded, showing the drive details of all unclassified drives for the day.                                                                                               

Once you classify a drive as a business or personal drive, the drive will no longer be shown on the MileIQ widget. Only unclassified drives for the day are shown on the widget. Previously recorded drives that have not been classified will not appear on the widget.

Additional Information

  • To add a custom purpose or drive details, please open the MileIQ app.
  • You can also view settings, send reports, refer a friend, and view all months by force touching the widget. Clicking on any of these actions will redirect you to the appropriate screen within the MileIQ app.
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