When should I expect to not see a drive in the mobile app?

You should not expect to not see a drive in the mobile app when Drive Detection is paused, you're on a free plan with over 40 drives captured, the drive was auto-classified as a Frequent Drive, the drive was auto-classified as personal due to it occurring outside your Work Hours schedule, or it was too short.

MileIQ's automatic drive detection is designed to function using a combination of cell phone data, WiFi, location services information, and GPS map lookup to automatically track your drives. MileIQ sets up what we call a geo-fence around your location, which is like drawing a circle around your location. When you leave that location, MileIQ knows to start paying attention. Then, our drive processor uses complex formulas to decide what is a drive and what isn’t.

For more information about what constitutes a drive, please see: What determines a drive?

However, there are times when you should expect drives to not appear in the mobile app based on the following specific situations:

Drive Detection is paused

* Make sure that drive detection is active (not paused). In the main menu of the MileIQ mobile app you should see a green arrow next to "Drive Detection." You can also see if drive detection is active (or reactivate it if paused) by clicking into the Account Settings section of the main menu. (Note that it can take a few minutes after unpausing for MileIQ to re-establish your location.)

Captured over 40 drives this month on your free account

* Remember that if you have a free Limited account, you'll only see your first 40 drives each month. You can see all your drives for the current and previous month if you upgrade to our premium subscription plan, or wait until the start of the next month and have your drive counter reset.

Work Hours are enabled and the drive was outside of those hours

* If you have Work Hours enabled, any drives outside those hours are being auto-classified as personal. These drives won’t appear in the mobile app, but you can see them on your MileIQ web dashboard (and re-classify or edit as needed).

The drive was auto-classified as part of the Frequent Drives feature

* If this drive is one that you have made at least 3 times and you've chosen to have it auto-classified as a Frequent Drive, your drive may have automatically been classified for you. You can see any frequent drives on your MileIQ web dashboard (and re-classify or edit as needed).

The drive was too short

* Note that distances of less than half a mile (0.8 km) and occasionally up to one mile (1.6 km) are not recorded as drives. For information on what determines a drive, please see here: What determines a drive?

Additional Information

Any missed drives can be added manually from the MileIQ web dashboard. Read more about how to add drives. 

If you've found that your drives aren't getting captured as expected, please see your device's article on  steps for troubleshooting or getting in contact with support:

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