Location Services on Android

On Android devices, Location Services are required to be On and set to High Accuracy for MileIQ to detect drives.

You can do so on Android by going to: Settings > Security & Location > Location > On

  • Important - "High Accuracy" mode is required on Android. You can check if it's on by going to Settings > Security & Location > Location > Mode > High Accuracy

Are you seeing this screen, but location services are already enabled?


If location services are enabled but the mobile app is still displaying this warning, then please ensure that High Accuracy is enabled as well. To navigate to the correct settings page, tap Fix it within the app to go to your device's Location Services setting, then tap Mode or Method to change this setting. 


Setting location services to Power Saving, GPS Only, or Device Only will stop drive detection from functioning. If you need to stop tracking drives for any reason, it is recommended to pause drive detection from within the mobile app to ensure your drives are captured after un-pausing drive detection: How to: Pause Automatic Drive Detection

If you're having issues capturing drives, please reach out to support@mileiq.com or see here: Why am I missing a drive? (Android)

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