Optimize Drive Detection on your iOS 11 Beta Devices

The newly released iOS 11 Beta currently has a few changes to the experience with MileIQ. One new option can cause MileIQ to not automatically function in the background causing drives to be missed.

Notice: Setting MileIQ's Location Services to While Using the App will prevent automatic drive detection

This new available option is for Location Services to be set to "While Using the App" which actually prevents the automatic drive detection from working in the background on your device. Below is an animated gif with detailed steps showing how to set Location Services on your device to "Always" to ensure MileIQ's drive detection functions properly in the background.

Set Location Services to On for your device and Always for MileIQ


Here are the steps to set Location Services to "Always" for MileIQ:

  1. Open your device's Settings
  2. Tap Privacy
  3. Tap Location Services and make sure it's On
  4. Scroll down to find and tap MileIQ 
  5. Tap Always 

Still unable to automatically capture your drives?

If you're having any issues capturing drives with your Location Services set to "On" and "Always" for MileIQ, please review this troubleshooting guide here: Why am I missing a drive?

If the fixes in the troubleshooting guide don't resolve your issue, the next step is for us to review the log files for your device.

To have the logs sent to us automatically, please do the following:

  1. In the MileIQ mobile app, go to: Settings > Help > Help Center.
  2. Tap the conversation icon in the upper right-hand corner (looks like two chat bubbles).
  3. In the description, please include 1-2 examples of the start/end date, time and addresses of the start and end locations of the missed drive(s).
  4. If you've completed this troubleshooting guide, please mention that in the description as well.
  5. Press the arrow to send.

A message will be sent to the Customer Success team and someone will be in touch shortly to follow-up.

Unhappy with the constant blue location bar when MileIQ is in use in the background?


Notice: Apple has removed this unwanted feature for iOS 11 Beta in its 4th version. If you're using iOS 11 Beta, please update your device now to remove the constant blue location bar for MileIQ.

Open your iPhone's Settings, then go to General > Software Update > Install Now


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