What if I'm not receiving my email verification link?

All new MileIQ accounts require the email address to be verified before the account can be created. If you have created a new MileIQ account or have requested a MileIQ verification link to be re-sent and have not received it yet, it may have been blocked or delivered to your email spam folder. Please review this checklist for possible causes:

Spam folder

The most likely cause is that the MileIQ email was delivered to your email spam folder. Check your spam folder to see if the email is there. If you use Microsoft Outlook, this MileIQ email may also end up in the clutter folder.

- TIP: To prevent this issue in the future, add mileiq@hello.mileiq.com to the list of authorized senders to your allowed emails list. If you are using a company email, you may need to forward this authorized senders request to your network administrator.

- For more information on adjusting your Microsoft Outlook clutter settings.

Using spam blockers, firewalls, proxy or VPN

- If you have checked your spam folder and don't see a MileIQ email, then you may be running a particular spam blocker that automatically opens and deletes certain messages, making it appear as though you are receiving and opening them from our end.

- TIP: Check your domain control panel for settings regarding spam, security, and filters for anything that may be flagging MileIQ as unimportant or threatening.

- You have a firewall on your router or you route your connection through a proxy or VPN. If the emails are not in your email inbox or spam folder, there is likely some other layer of spam filtering blocking the emails. This is most common in corporate environments where a group filter will often catch the emails before they even get to the client's machine.

- TIP: Confirm that there is no other layer of spam protection on your connection.  

If you are still having trouble locating your email verification link, please feel free to call us at 1-844-747-4905 between 6AM to 6PM PST (U.S. Toll Free), Monday - Friday or email us any time if you are having trouble verifying your account 

For more information, please see: How to - Verify your Email

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