How to: Delete Archived Reports

 How do I delete archived reports on the web dashboard?

You can delete an archived Report from the Reports tab of your MileIQ web dashboard. This can be helpful if you've accidentally created a duplicate report or wish to delete old reports you no longer need.

Please note: All reports expire after 90 days, but will still display in the Archived section to allow for recreation of the same content.

Sign in at web dashboard (with the same email and password you use for the mobile app) and then click the Reports tab at the top of the dashboard.

This images shows the Reports Tab of the MileIQ Web Dashboard

In the Archived Reports section, find the report you wish to delete.

This image shows a selected report card in the Archived Reports section

Click the trashcan icon at the the top right of the card to delete that archived report.

This image shows the location of the trashcan icon on a report card

Can I undo a report delete?

If you accidentally delete the wrong report, you can restore it by clicking “Undo” on the last action banner at the top of the screen.

This image shows the Undo button for restoring a deleted report

NOTE: Once you navigate away from the Reports tab, you will no longer be able to undo the delete and restore the deleted report. You'll need to re-create the report.

Additional information

For more information on creating reports, please see How to: Create Reports

Pro Tip: Did you know you can download reports directly from the web dashboard to your computer? After creating a report on the web dashboard, simply click the PDF or CSV button on the desired report.

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