Calendar for MileIQ


The new Calendar for MileIQ feature connects your Android phone’s calendar to your drives making recognizing and classifying your drives even easier!

Note: This feature is currently in development for iOS devices.


This feature integrates your meetings and appointments within your calendar with the drive card, giving you vital context to make classifying drives effortless.

To use this feature in the future, update the mobile app and grant calendar permission. Once the feature is launched, you can link your Calendar to MileIQ within the mobile app.


After you’ve linked the calendars on your device with MileIQ, drives captured afterwards will show calendar events within one hour before and after the drive.

Touch the  Calendar_icon.png icon on the corresponding drive card to compare your automatically captured drives to the surrounding calendar events.


Refresh your memory of the drive with your schedule while classifying. Calendar for MileIQ keeps all your meetings, errands, and appointments viewable in MileIQ so classifying is a breeze.


Reminder: Your calendar information will only be available in the MileIQ app for new drives captured after you've enabled the feature. Past drives will not show any calendar information and any updates to the calendar after a drive has taken place will not appear.

Viewing meetings and appointments adjacent to a captured drive will make classifying even easier! Whether it's refreshing your memory or simply getting more context, linking your calendar to MileIQ makes mileage tracking smooth, quick, and easy.

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