Concur Reporting Best Practices

Submitting your mileage to Concur is easy with MileIQ! After authorizing Concur with your MileIQ account, follow these best practices to make the reporting process even easier and prevent any errors.

1. Submit to a new or an unsubmitted report in Concur.

MileIQ is unable to submit additional entries to reports that have already been submitted within Concur. Depending on the amount of drives included in the report, it can take up to 5-10 minutes to fully submit the expense report from MileIQ to Concur. If a report has been submitted and then un-submitted, MileIQ will run into errors during the submission process.

2. Your expense policy within Concur should not contain any non-default settings.

MileIQ is unable to submit mileage, tolls, or parking information to Concur policies that exclude or alter the respective default settings.

The standard US Expense Policy and the professional US Expense Policy within Concur contain these settings by default:

  • Personal Car Mileage
  • Purpose of the Trip
  • From Location - 48 character limit
  • To Location - 48 character limit
  • Tolls/Road Charges
  • Parking
Also, please be sure to use the default payment type: Cash.

3. Disable variable rates on your expense policy.

Unfortunately, MileIQ is unable to submit any reports to Concur that have variable rates enabled. Please confer with your Concur Administrator to ensure variable rates are disabled in the Concur policy.

Also, be sure your Concur account is in a single-rate car configuration. You may need to contact your Concur administrator to confirm the type of car configuration you are assigned to.

4. Do not delete or submit the report within Concur before the mileage submission fully goes through.

Occasionally, we'll see users creating a report in MileIQ, then making changes to their Concur account and expense reports before and while submitting from MileIQ to Concur. If a report is deleted or submitted before the mileage appears within Concur, the expense report will not go through. For a large amount of drives, submissions can take up to 10 minutes.

Be sure to refresh the list of reports in MileIQ before attempting the submission again. You can refresh the list of reports by clicking on 'Email' in the 'Enter Report Details' window and then clicking on 'Concur' again. This will ensure you're submitting to an available report within Concur.

5. Manually enter and submit expenses within Concur to test configuration. 

If you are not able to submit your reports to Concur consistently, please try to manually enter expenses within Concur on the report. If a manual expense entry within Concur fails, then the configuration lists are not populated correctly in the Concur account. Please reach out to your Concur administrator about this so they can verify your account configuration is setup correctly for submissions.

Following the above practices will aid in making Concur and MileIQ reporting as smooth and simple as possible. If you do happen to run into any issues, you'll receive an error message and someone from MileIQ will reach out to you shortly about the specific issue. 

If you're having trouble getting assistance, please reach out to from the email account on file with MileIQ. 

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