Switching over to MileIQ for Canada

When will MileIQ for Canada be available?

MileIQ for Canada is now available.

Will I lose any drive information if I make the switch?

All your previous drives are securely stored in the cloud and tied to your MileIQ account. That information will stay intact and the value of your drives will remain the same.

Am I required to switch over to the Canada version?

We want users to have the option to switch over based on their preference. Users can continue to use the US version. However, switching over to the Canada version will provide a more customized experience that’s compliant with the CRA requirements.

Why should I make the switch over to the Canada version?

MileIQ for Canada was designed especially for Canada users to conform with CRA rules regarding automobile allowance rates. With MileIQ for Canada, MileIQ automatically calculates the value of business drives based on that information.

Is it possible to switch back to the U.S. version after trying out the Canada version?

Yes, you can reach our Customer Success team by visiting support.mileiq.com at any time and we will be happy to make that change for you.

If I use the Canada version for a couple weeks and then switch back, what will that mean for the value of my drives? My vehicle set up?

Drives will be converted from kilometres to miles. We will always store your drives in your account. The US version will calculate those miles with the USD per mile rate vs the Canada version will calculate those kilometres with the CAD per kilometre rate. When you switch between different countries, your values will change based on the country's rates on your default vehicle.

Does it cost money to switch over to the Canada version?

There is no additional charge to switch over to the Canada version, but if a user is on a paid subscription, that will continue.

Will I be charged in CAD if I switch my subscription to the Canada version?

Unless you cancel your subscription, you will continue to pay for your subscription in USD.

Is there a deadline on when I should submit a request to switch over to the Canada version?

You can visit support.mileiq.com at anytime in order to contact our support team to make the change.

How do I enable auto-updates on my device?

For iOS, you can do so from device Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads > On.

For Android, you can do so by opening up the Google Play Store app > Pull out the menu from the left > Settings > General > Enable "Auto-update apps."

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to visit support.mileiq.com to contact our Customer Success team.

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