How to switch regions (CAN)

MileIQ is here to make your journey through different Canadian regions a breeze! We've designed things to be super simple for you.

By default, we calculate your drives based on the rate that matches the region you're currently set to on your device.

Want to explore a different region? No problem! Making the switch is as easy as enjoying your favorite snack. Just hop onto your dashboard using the same email and password you use for the app. Yep, it's that seamless!

Once you're inside the dashboard, look for the Settings button. It's hanging out right next to your user icon, up there in the top-right corner.

Give it a little click, and you'll find yourself on the Settings page, where all the magic happens.

This is where you can customize your region, either to the Northern Canada wonderland or the rest of beautiful Canada.

You'll spot the Mileage Rates page within Settings. Now, imagine this page like a magical gate to different regions. If you're dreaming of Northern Canada adventures or just feel like exploring other parts, you're in control!

There's a toggle that says 'Resident of Northern Canada.' It's like waving a wand – just a click and you're there!

MileIQ will be right there with you, making sure all your previous and upcoming drives are charged at the Northern Canada rate. It's like having a trusty travel companion.

So, go on and explore. Whether you're in the wilds of Northwest Territories, the charm of Yukon, or the breathtaking landscapes of Nunavut, MileIQ has your back with rates that match your chosen adventure! 🚗💨

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