How to: Upgrade / Get Unlimited Drives (CAN)

Downloading MileIQ is free. Additionally, we offer free drives per month, currently at 40. Once that limit is hit, you would need to upgrade to our premium service to continue capturing drives. Our premium pricing is currently at $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

We know our subscription fee is an investment, and we hope you see the value in our service and think of it as an investment in yourself and/or your business. For example, a single 16 kilometres reimbursable trip that wouldn't have been otherwise remembered and reported is enough to justify the monthly subscription price.

There are two ways to upgrade to an unlimited plan with MileIQ: from within the mobile app or from our web dashboard.

Mobile App

To upgrade from within the mobile app:

1) Open the MileIQ app on your mobile device
2) Tap on the Menu button at the top left of the screen


3) Select "Get unlimited drives" at the bottom of the list 


4) Select your subscription, either Monthly or Annual (for mobile, we use in-app purchases, so you'll need your AppleID or Google Play username) and touch "Upgrade" on the corresponding plan.
5) Input your AppleID or Play username, Password, and tap 'OK'
6) Watch the kilometres add up! (an iTunes or Google Play receipt will be emailed to the email address on file with those services).

Web Dashboard

To upgrade from our web dashboard:

1) Log into your MileIQ account at the MileIQ web dashboard ( - log in using the same email and password as the app)

2) Click the green "Get Unlimited Drives" button at the top of the screen

3) Select your subscription: click Monthly or Annual 

4) Checkout with your credit card of choice and click "Complete Purchase"
5) Watch the kilometres add up! (a receipt will be emailed to the address on file with us)

Thank you for upgrading! 


• If you've already upgraded to an unlimited plan, please select the "Press to restore prior purchase" text at the bottom of the Settings page from within the mobile app to re-enable
• If you're having trouble upgrading through the mobile app, iTunes might be blocking upgrade. Please make sure there are no limits on purchase amount. Also check: iPhone Settings > General > Restrictions (make sure that it is "off" or if it is "on", make sure that ALLOW: In-App Purchases is set to "on".)

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