MileIQ for Non-Profits

MileIQ has partnered with TechSoup to bring the leading mileage logging service to nonprofits of all sizes!

MileIQ has unofficially supported nonprofits for some time now but this partnership allows a wider range of causes to have access to mileage tracking service while receiving an incredible discount and support from TechSoup and MileIQ.

To find out if your organization qualifies for this discount, take a quick qualifying quiz or check out the eligibility page.

If your organization is eligible, simply create a TechSoup Account & register your nonprofit organization. Once your nonprofit is approved, you can place your MileIQ order through TechSoup. PLEASE NOTE: You can purchase multiple licenses at once. An admin fee of $12 per user will be charged at checkout.

This image shows how to join Tech Soup

If your nonprofit is already registered with TechSoup, use this link to enter your organization’s association code to link your account with an existing organization. The association code can be found in the initial organization confirmation email from TechSoup.

Already a member of TechSoup? You can login here to get MileIQ.

This image shows how to purchase MileIQ for your nonprofit

After completing your purchase, you will receive a fulfillment email with instructions to redeem your nonprofit discount for MileIQ.

IMPORTANT: The promo code provided is only redeemable through the MileIQ website. The promo code is not usable by MileIQ accounts outside of the nonprofit organization.

For more information on redeeming a promo code, please visit: How to: Redeem A Promo Code 


  • The approval process can take up to 10 business days. If your application is still pending after 10 business days, please contact TechSoup support.
  • If your nonprofit organization does not qualify for TechSoup and you are still interested in getting your organization started, please email
  • If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us by submitting a request.
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