MileIQ for Teams: Concur Integration for Drivers

How can I link my Concur account?

Linking your MileIQ account to Concur is easy! If your organization's Administrator has enabled integrating to Concur, all you have to do is Activate it from within the Settings of your Driver Dashboard. If you do not see an Activate button on the Settings page, click here for instructions.


Please Note: Integration with Concur is only available to MileIQ Teams users.




After clicking on 'Activate my Concur Integration', you'll be prompted to enter your Concur Employee ID




If you're having trouble finding the right ID, you can click on the link in the popup, or here, to access a helpful guide that will walk you through how to get the correct information. Additionally, if you've entered the incorrect information, the prompt will display this error. Don't worry though! Just correct the Employee ID and you can continue. <link to the other article for helping find employee id>




Once everything has been verified, you'll see that the integration is enabled and you're all set.




If you've already been activated, or need to confirm that you are active, you'll see this page when you click on Settings.




What if I don't see an Activate button?

If you don't have the option to Activate my Concur Integration from the Settings page, then your organization Administrator has not yet enabled Concur Integration. Please reach out to your admin and provide them this link for help getting that enabled: 





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